• We are locally owned
  • 24x7 Availability & Flexibility
  • Chemicals are not dangerous for
    pregnant women, infants,
    asthmatic people and people
    with allergy and house pets.
  • Most Chemicals are Odorless.
  • Most of the jobs do not require
    to vacate the premises.

Our ship has been sailing smoothly for over a decade now. Learn more about our Residential Services!

Our ship has been sailing smoothly for over a decade now. Learn more about our Commercial Services!

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The complete pest control company

Our Exterminator has been incorporated for over 10 years now and has since provided professional pest control experience to its customers. It is our goal to continue to provide you with the safest, most effective, and highest quality pest control services, such as bed bugs service, available today.

If you need the best pest control company in New York, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, or in New Jersey that can give high-quality routine pest control services, we are the right choice for you. Our Exterminator is the right place where you can find professional licensed exterminators to help you. Whether you are looking for getting rid of those pesky mice, termites, or other unwelcome guests or looking for bed bugs service, our expert licensed exterminators will provide you with affordable and professional pest control services. When it comes to pest control, you really want to make sure to hire an experienced exterminator. The exterminators here at Our Exterminator are all local, licensed exterminators who can handle just about any pest you can think of.

The best provider of bed bugs service, pest extermination, in New York, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and New Jersey

All homeowners from New York, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and New Jersey know how pest, bugs, insects, and other unwelcomed critters can turn a home upside down. Be smart and do not attempt to solve a serious pest problem on your own. Go straight to your phone and contact Our Exterminator, your only pest control company. We offer variety of services from bed bugs services to a more well-rounded pest extermination service.

Excellence in service

Here at Our Exterminator, we are more than just exterminators, we are the best when it comes to pest management services, taking every precaution to ensure that your homes are pest free. So if it’s bed bugs service, termite extermination, or any other pest control, the primary choice for residents in Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, New York, and New Jersey, is Our Exterminator, the only pest control company for you.